Special Projects

Hidden Gems Film Festival

Objective: Develop brand and identity for Hidden Gems Film Festival, which showcases Indian art house cinema in Calgary.
Pieces shown: Tickets, logos, brochure covers, posters, Facebook page.
Target Audience: Locals who like artistic or independent films, with a special interest in Indian cinema.


hg-logos hg-brochure-covers  hg-posters-social-media 

The Arthritis Society

Objective: To develop a consistent brand treatment for several marketing pieces for The Arthritis Society.
Pieces shown: Binder cover, poster, brochure (below) and Report to Community (fold-out brochure).
Target Audience: Arthritis patients, parents of children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), donors, community.



Children's Cottage Society

Circle of Hope Donor Display
Objective: To create a unique donor display for the Circle of Hope donor program at the Children's Cottage Society, a non-profit family crisis service.
Concept: Each train car in front of the "Circle of Hope Station" (right) has a plaque with the name of a current donor engraved on it. More cars can be added to the track as the program grows. Past donors are recognized on a "Passenger List" (below).
Target Audience: Children, parents, donors, and employees/volunteers. (Cygnus Group)